Free Knife Sharpening

Dull Knife, Dull Life

We believe that the single most important tool in the kitchen is a knife, more specifically a sharp knife.

We sell awesome knives, and will always help you find the right one however almost everyone has a good knife at home. What we’ve found is that most people don’t maintain their knives well and are disappointed and/or frustrated with not having a “good” knife at home. We believe that even a cheap and light knife is good enough as long it’s sharp. Granted, there are huge benefits to investing in a very good knife, but a sharp knife will get the job done well – no matter where you bought it or what you paid for it.

Because of this, we sharpen all un-serrated steel kitchen knives for free. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the knife for 50 years and have no idea where it came from, or it’s one of our amazing Miyabi knives – we’ll get it in tip top shape for you for free.

Our free service is a benefit of being a part of our loyalty program, the Culture Club. Our club is free to join, and  we hope that because of this service, and other perks of the program, you will like us enough to trust us to be your go to kitchen supply store and cooking school of choice.

So, drop in with your blades – we take 2 at a time, and they’ll be done within a few days. We use high end commercial grade electric sharpeners that are ceramic, diamond encrusted. These amazing sharpeners leave the knives in factory shape and ready for your next big meal!

Do we fix knives?

Yes, and no. It depends on how badly damaged they are. We will make as assessment when you bring them in and we charge $5.00 per knife.



How to maintain your knives after sharpening

Over sharpening a knife takes the life out of the blade.  After you get your knives home it’s critical that you set a maintenance routine. The daily/weekly maintenance is called honing, which is best understood by someone using a metal rod (called a steel), and running the blade along the rod. There’s a method to this, and the other ways to “hone” your knives, which we explain on our blog here.

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