Demeyere Cookware: Atlantis or Industry?

Demeyere Cookware is arguably the best Stainless Steel based cookware in the world. That’s what we think anyways and we’ve seen and tested most, if not all, high end cookware on the market. Now we don’t have specific laboratory tests to back up our claim.  Our science is done in our home kitchens, making food for our families. Our criteria is simple:

  1. Is it good a high and low heat? All cookware works great under medium heating temperatures – or their ‘sweet spot’. Specifically, lower end or thin cookware will not perform very well at a med/high to high heat. It’s really easy to burn your food.
  2. Is it durable? Are the handles well connected? Are the layers well bonded? Does the base warp? Over time these are the issues that people have with their cookware. High end cookware should last a generation or much more.
  3. Is it comfortable to use? With the understanding that weight equals quality. Good cookware is heavy, no matter what. If want it light, then you will sacrifice quality. Sorry about that. Does the handle fit in the hand? Does it get overly hot?

For these reasons we believe Demeyere is as good as it gets, and it comes in two flavours.

  1.  Very Good – Demeyere Industry – 5 Ply Stainless, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless. This cookware was built to compete with All Clad d5, and that it does. We are big fans of d5 and it’s a hard choice but at the end of the day we choose Industry – specifically for the comfort of the handles, if nothing else.Shop the Industry line here.

    Industry Sauce Pan


  2. The Best – Atlantis and Proline – These lines are one in the same but are made a bit differently for different uses. Due to the research and development that’s gone into this line, each type of vessel is made specifically for it’s type of use. The sauce pots and pans and stock pots are made with disc fused to the bottom of a stainless body. The core of the disc is copper which is sandwiched between two layers of silver. Gold is is the only other conductor that is better. The Proline fry pans are similar to the Industry but are 7 layers instead of 5. This cookware was specifically engineered for induction cookware but works great an all surfaces. Warning! If you don’t like heavy pots and pans, these are not for you!Shop the Atlantis Cookware line here.

          Cut of of an Atlantis Saute Pan


Buying this type of cookware is an investment, so all of our stores have loaner pieces for you to take home and try. Pop in store and ask for a full walk through and take a piece home to try for a few days.



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