Rustic Pizza Cooking Class

  • Hands-on with some demonstration

Italian Cuisine is widely known as the most simplistic cuisine in the world, but that’s what makes it’s the most beautiful. Anyone can make food taste great by adding more fat or cheese. With this class you’ll be shown how to take a few ingredients and accentuate their beauty in a straightforward way.

I want you leave this class realizing how simple it is to stretch Neapolitan pizza dough by hand, and basic sauce building 101. A few knife skills to practice, and a brief history lesson into the simplicity of Italian cuisine.


  • Dietary Flags:
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy
  • Wheat/Gluten

Our Pizza Classes now feature the new Pizzaiolo Oven, by Breville.

This revolutionary oven makes perfect pizza, everytime. Using a special heating function and a ceramic stone, the oven can reach temperatures that regular home ovens can't. 

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Rustic Pizza at Lonsdale

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