Indian Essentials Cooking Class

  • Demonstration with some hands-on

This Indian cooking class menu is all the classic essentials you need know to have an understanding of Indian cuisine. Each and every component is meant to take something familiar and expose the simplicity of it. You will be shown different techniques for each dish so anyone can find the method that works for them in any kitchen. It’s about feeling comfortable, outside your comfort zone. ENJOY!

Our hands on cooking classes are set in a large communal teaching kitchen, which is similar to a home kitchen, just bigger! You will learn shoulder to shoulder from the instructor along with the other guests. After you learn to make the meal, everyone will sit together and enjoy the meal family style. In all of our classes, other than Knife Skills, you are welcome to bring your own beverages.


  • Dietary Flags:
  • Chicken
  • Dairy
  • Nuts
  • Wheat/Gluten

At Our Lonsdale Cooking School

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Indian Essentials at Lonsdale

At Our Howe Cooking School


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Indian Essentials at Howe

We purchased this cooking class at a silent auction and it was a lot of fun. GJ, Alexa and the volunteers made it a very enjoyable evening . The food was amazing and I actually think I could make it myself! Will definitely book another class in the future.

Janet, December 2019

If you are looking for a great interactive learning experience with friendly people, take a cooking class with Cook Culture!

Jane, December 2019

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