Fermented Foods Series: The Classics

  • Hands-on with some demonstration

Changing The World Through Cultural Manipulation

Over the centuries many cultures have always included fermented foods in their diets. It is a means to preserve foods, without refrigeration; as well as, helps to predigest foods. In a fermented state, it is easier for our bodies to break down and absorb more nutrients from food, and keep our gut bacteria healthy.

The benefits of fermented foods are everywhere these days and Chef Cosmo wants to share all that he knows, with you. Register for one, or register for all classes in the series. In this class we will learn to make ‘the classics’, the four K’s:

  • Kimchi (spicy/vegetarian)
  • Kombucha (fermented drink)
  • Kraut (raw, live purple cabbage)
  • Kefir (like a yogurt drink)

Please bring 4 CLEAN -1 liter mason jars – Please call us (250-590-8161) if you would like to purchase some before class

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Fermented Foods Series: The Classics at Lonsdale

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