French Bistro

Join Chef Anna Hunt for a simple, hearty Parisian French Bistro-inspired meal that you can easily re-create at home. Top it with a glass of wine and, voila, the perfect evening!

Gourmet French: Chicken 3 Ways

Join Chef Benedict and learn three classic French techniques for preparing chicken. We will learn to de-bone a whole chicken, roast the perfect breast, confit the drum stick and stuff the thighs to make an impressive Ballotine. On top of that we will create a classic vierge dressing, some delicious vegetable sides and cap the … Continue reading »

Homemade Pizza and Quick Bread

Join Chef Annabelle Choi in this hands-on workshop and learn how to make your homemade pizza dough and a variety of edible creations with the same method! A great menu for your next pizza party, or a fun dinner recipe to make with your kids.

Japanese Kitchen Party

Learn to make a homestyle Japanese meal and create your own fun kitchen party! As is common with casual Japanese meals, we’ll start off with lighter flavors and move into heavier ones, with rice to fill up at the end. This menu will impress your family and friends with.

Knife Skills

Come and learn to slice and dice with our Cook Culture chef. A good knife is a primary tool for a functional and effective approach to food preparation. Feeling safe working with your primary tool, in the kitchen, is important to developing your overall comfort in the kitchen.

Middle Eastern Feast

I met Chef Marcus during my first culinary school internship.  I chose his Moroccan restaurant because I wanted to experience different flavour profiles  from those in the French program, at school.

Moroccan Comfort Food

Travel the world in comfort… comfort food, that is, with Chef Anna Hunt. Tuck into a soulful, warming Moroccan tagine without leaving downtown Victoria. Yes, you eat what you make!

Rustic Italian: Polpette

Rustic Italian food is all about perfectly balanced, simple ingredients. Impress your friends and family, by incorporating these classic Italian cooking techniques into your everyday cooking.

Rustic Italian: Ragu

Join Calvin Pipping for a quick trip around Italy with this tasty and comforting Rustic Italian: Ragu menu. High quality, simple ingredients, dabbed with garlic and olive, what’s not to love?

Sushi-making at Home

Join our sushi chef and learn to make authentic Japanese food, at home. You will learn the secret to perfectly seasoned sushi rice; as well as, how to create 3 different styles of rolls – regular, inside out, and cones.


Taiwan is a hot food destination these days.  Send you palette on an adventure with our Cook Culture chef.  Learn about the array of flavorings and where to shop, locally, for the best ingredients.  If a trip to Taipei is not on your calendar, this class is the second best bet!

Thai Basic

Many of us have traveled through the gorgeous part of the world that is Thailand. The smiling people, the vibrant landscape and the fantastic food! Until the day we are able to go back and feast, let’s recreate these easy-to-make; yet, complex tasting dishes right here, at home. You will learn where to source ingredients, … Continue reading »

Thai on the Coast

One of the most beautiful memories for anyone visiting Thailand is the seafood. These people love the sea and the food that comes from it, to nourish them. This was one element that really made me feel at home. The crispy rockfish salad was one of my favorite special dishes, while living in Bangkok.

The Art of Plant-based Baking

Join Chef Annabelle Choi in this hands-on workshop and learn how to fool people into loving plant based pastries, by making fabulous baked goods that are just delicious on their own right!

Valentine´s French Bistro

Treat your sweetie or treat yourself! In this combination hands-on and demonstration class, we will prepare some French bistro inspired dishes that are simple to prepare; yet, special enough that you will want to make them again and again! Yes, you eat what you make!    

Vietnamese at Home

I do not eat out much at all….but if you were to see me eating out these days it would be slurping noodles with my girlfriend Joey or my kids at “Phonomenal” in the Shelbourne Plaza.

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