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What The Cook Culture Volunteer Program Is All About

How it Works

Get onto our email list by filling out the form below. When we need some extra hands for an upcoming class we will send out an email! If you’re interested and available you can respond, otherwise ignore the email and hopefully you can help out for the next class!

What to Expect

As a volunteer, you are essential to the successful operation of our classes. You can expect to stay busy throughout your shift, but you will have opportunities to get to know our chefs, learn some tricks of the trade, and have lots of fun!

We ask that volunteers arrive 30 minutes before the class starts, as we need your help with set-up. Classes start at 6pm on weekdays and 4:30pm on Sundays. They run for 3 hours and then there is about an hour of post-class cleanup. In total, you can expect to have a 4 1/2 hour shift.

The Perks

In addition to learning some great skills, hanging out with our fabulous instructors, and enjoying some quality food, there are some great perks to being one of our cooking class volunteers! As an active* volunteer you will get our Friends and Family discount* of 15% and a free* class after volunteering for four classes.

Already a volunteer? Click here to log in to our scheduling program!

  • active* = you have volunteered at one class in the past 2 months.
  • discount* = applies to any of our regular priced items; can only be used for in-store, instock purchases.
  • free* = one seat at any of our regularly scheduled $95 or less classes.
  • We are currently accepting Downtown Vancouver location volunteers.
  • Due to overwhelming interest, we are currently not accepting new Victoria or North Vancouver volunteers.


Please note: We process volunteer applications every few weeks. Once you are on the roster, please be aware that volunteer spots fill quickly. If you see a class you are interested in, sign up right away!  

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