Cooking School

Take a Cooking Class in Victoria, North Vancouver, and Downtown Vancouver. To inspire, create, and learn new things in the kitchen.

We teach hands on and demonstration style communal cooking classes, and with us you’ll will learn to cook shoulder to shoulder with one of our seasoned instructors. We focus on simple cooking skills that we believe are the foundation of simple and approachable cooking.  Our goal is for everyone that learns to cook with to use their skills everyday to enrich their lives through making their own food, for themselves and their family and friends. We have a communal-style cooking class for every interest and skill level and are very proud of the local chefs we’ve partnered with for their passion, their knowledge, and their ability to get people excited about becoming comfortable trying new things in our communal cooking classes. We believe that the one thing that everyone can make in the kitchen is a better life.

Take an upcoming Cooking Class at our Lonsdale Cooking School

How Do Our Cooking Classes Work?

Our classes come in two flavours:

Hands-On Cooking Classes

The majority of our cooking classes are a mix of hands-on and demonstration. Your cooking class instructor will involve you in making several courses, and leave you stuffed with great food and loads of learning. Please note in the class listing, if the focus is on hands-on or demonstration.

Demonstration Cooking Classes

In our demonstration cooking classes  you still get to eat, but the instructors will let you sit back and relax while you watch, learn, enjoy and ask questions. These cooking classes are great for topics that are very complex or slow moving with lots of instruction

Take an upcoming Cooking Class at our Victoria Cooking School

Take an upcoming Cooking Class  at our Howe Cooking School

The Chefs We Work With

We are proud of the local chef’s we’ve picked for their passion, their knowledge, and their ability to get people excited about trying and mastering new things.

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