mexican cooking class

*New* Authentic Mexican

Enjoy the rich flavourful dishes of Mexico, in this hands-on cooking class. We will start off with a coconut horchata and finish off with sweet churros and spicy hot chocolate. In between we will teach you to make homemade masa, which you can then fashion into corn tortillas for tacos with tasty toppings or tender … Continue reading »

Friday Night: Asian Street Food

Join us for a fun and festive Friday evening! Bring some wine, bring some friends, bring a date! We will visit Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, nibbling on some iconic dishes.

Baking Bootcamp: Homemade Bread

There is nothing more satisfying than the simple pleasure of biting into a rich and delicious chocolate cake or tearing into a loaf of bread that has just come out of the oven, it brings people back to simpler times. Are you interested in it learning these basic baking techniques with one of our house … Continue reading »

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