Posting Date: Feb. 13, 2018

Location: Howe – 377 Howe Street (at Hastings)

Position Start Date: ASAP

Role Summary:

As the Cooking Class Host Co-ordinator, you are responsible for ensuring that our cooking classes and private events meet our service standards, leaving a positive impression of Cook Culture and our events. The typical cooking class team is made up of a chef, for the instruction, and a few volunteers to assist the chef in preparation and clean-up. Your primary role is to hands-on manage the events, co-ordinate the volunteers at the event, intake and serve as the main volunteer contact, forward class details to on-duty chef/host, and communicate with the rest of the team so that everyone is best set up to meet our service standards. You will work in parallel with the Cooking Class Lead Host to ensure our classes and kitchen are run efficiently.


Major Duties:

  • Volunteer intake and serve as main contact
  • Co-ordinate the monthly schedule of all kitchen hosts
  • Email class details to chef and on-duty host, a minimum of 24 hours before class
  • Email recipe hand-outs to participants, 24 hours before class
  • Schedule and document maintenance for all kitchen appliances and equipment
  • Contact for booking staff and volunteers to attend classes
  • Train new hosts and volunteers
  • Set up the kitchen and seating space for class events
  • Interact with class guests
  • Facilitate the sale of product during the event; must develop product knowledge and the ability to easily locate all store inventory for sale
  • Support the chef and volunteers throughout the evening (including prep work and cleaning)
  • Close and secure the till and store at the end of class


Minor Duties:

  • Print recipes, class lists, and create name badges
  • Comfortable using Gmail for communication and accessing shared information
  • Monitor key products used in classes and communicate these to the Director of Culinary Operations – to ensure we have stock available for purchase at the class
  • Communicate with Lead Kitchen Host all pantry need



Our cooking classes have two busy seasons, mid-September to December and January to March/April. The expectation of hours required can be three-quarters to full time in the busy months to one-third to half time in the quieter time. Classes are primarily held in the evening so being able to work evenings and weekends is required.  You will also be required to spend time outside of classes emailing class details to chef/on-duty host, kitchen host scheduling and volunteer coordination. You should be confident on the computer, able to easily email, access shared files, input info on spreadsheets, and do basic word processing.

It is expected that you will be available to work shifts on the retail floor, so you will have a solid understanding of our POS program along with sales procedures, returns, inventory and class booking procedures. For the retail aspect of the role, you will report to the Retail Manager.

You will ensure all volunteer shifts are covered, being the contact point for changes within 48 hours of class. You are responsible for communicating with the Cooking Class Lead Host, ensuring the kitchen is stocked and runs efficiently.  Any concerns regarding kitchen hosts, kitchen equipment, chefs, and volunteers is reported to the Director of Culinary Operations.

Note: Our facilities come in contact with all types of foods. We cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination. In this position, handling all types of food is a requirement.


Please forward a cover letter telling us why you would make a fantastic host, along with a CV to


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