What is the Trade-In Event?

We want you to get rid of your old coated cookware, for the last time. If you pledge to recycle your old coated cookware then we will give you a great deal (up to 30% off!) on a new frying pan that will last you forever. This offer is only good until Oct 24th, 2021. Read on for details.

What we know:

I would love to be able to tell you that there is some brand or way of cooking that could make coated cookware not wear out but that just can’t happen. I worked hard to find out why and finally I got to the bottom of the issue in this conversion:

The coles notes are that all coated cookware is some sort of polymer - including ceramic. What this means is that all coated cookware, even the expensive stuff, or the diamond coated stuff, will wear out. Maybe not right away, but it will, and when it does, it will be garbage.

What we can do

This is what I’ve learned. The only cookware that will last for generations (or forever) is cast iron (including enamelled), carbon steel, and stainless steel. When it comes to stainless steel, the better the quality, the longer it will last but almost all carbon steel and cast iron should last a very, very long time.

What's the catch?

Here it is. Using iron or stainless steel cookware is not as simple as using coated cookware. Getting a good sear, or making lightly browned pancakes, or sliding out the perfect omelette takes a bit of effort and some time to learn.

What are the results?

Using iron and high quality stainless steel will give you better results. You will get a better sear, and you will get better browning. And maybe most importantly, you will buy your last pan. You will stop cycling through cookware, adding more and more to the landfill. That’s worthwhile.

Ok, great. You’re on board. This is what the sale is all about.

If you make a pledge on Social Media to recycle your coated cookware, and tag us, we will send you a discount code:

Lodge, de Buyer Mineral B, Staub and Demeyere at 30% MSRP

Field: Buy any 1 pan and get 1 leather handle cover and 1 Cook Culture seasoning paste, free ($40.00 value)
Buy any pan with lid (#6 and #12 are on the way) and you’ll receive 1 handle cover, 1 Field chainmail scrubber and 1 Field seasoning wax, free($80.00 value) 

Stargazer: Buy any pan and receive 1 chainmail/silicon scrubber and 1 Cook Culture seasoning wax, free: ($37.95 value)

Here is an example of the pledge:

I’m recycling my coated cookware and buying cookware that will last forever. I want you to join me! Learn more at @cookculture #frypantradein21

If you do not have a SM account, or do not want to post, then we ask that you email 10 friends and tell them what you are doing. CC us at

When you have made your pledge, please fill out this quick form and let us know what you would like. 

This will give us the information we need to send you the discount code. We will email you a discount code.

The sale dates: September 24th to Oct 24th

The fine print

We realise that there are some steps involved here and that a simple discount would be easier. HOWEVER, the point of this exercise is to grow the awareness of the issues with coated cookware. Many people want to do well for the planet but have no idea that their frying pans are a problem, or won’t last. Your reach will help educate others. For that, I thank you,



Fry Pan Trade In Program 2021

Field Cast Iron No.8 SkilletField Cast Iron No.8 Skillet
Field Cast Iron No.10 SkilletField Cast Iron No.10 Skillet
de Buyer Mineral B Fry Pan 28 cm / 11"
de Buyer Mineral B Frying Pan 12.5''/32cm
Lodge 10'' Chef's Collection Skillet
Staub 11" Wood Handle Cast Iron Crepe Pan
de Buyer Mineral B Frying Pan 8inch/20cm
de Buyer Mineral B Fry Pan 26 cm/ 10"
de Buyer Mineral B  Frying Pan 24 cm / 9.5"
Lodge 12" Chef's Collection Skillet
de Buyer Mineral B Omelette Pan 9.5inch/24cm
Field Cast Iron No.6 SkilletField Cast Iron No.6 Skillet
Staub 12" Cast Iron Fry PanStaub 12" Cast Iron Fry Pan
Sale priceFrom $295
Staub 12" Cast Iron Fry Pan
Choose options
Lodge 8" Cast Iron Fry PanLodge 8" Cast Iron Fry Pan
de Buyer Mineral B Crepe Pan 30 cm / 12"
Field Cast Iron No.12 SkilletField Cast Iron No.12 Skillet
de Buyer Mineral B Country Pan 28 cm / 11"
de Buyer Mineral B Frying Pan 14inch/36cm
Lodge 6.5" Cast Iron Fry PanLodge 6.5" Cast Iron Fry Pan
Field Cast Iron No.4 SkilletField Cast Iron No.4 Skillet
de Buyer Mineral B Paella Pan 32 cm / 12.5"

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