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To be clear, the new Zwilling coffee brewer is not revolutionary BUT they have made an excellent machine for a really great price. That is respectable. The built-in ‘bloom’ function allows you to brew coffee to taste like your local coffee shop. As long as you have high-quality beans and use filtered water you will get exceptional results every time.

Grinding coffee yourself is a gamechanger compared to preground.

The Zwilling coffee grinder is perfect for brew style and french press. We do not recommend it for espresso machines - Baratza is our recommendation for espresso machines.

Simple and fast to use.

Finish your coffee with freshly foamed milk. 

Simple and elegant.

The new Zwilling tea kettle works as well as it looks great on your counter.


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Zwilling Enfinigy Electric KettleZwilling Enfinigy Electric Kettle
Sale price$149.99 CAD Regular price$200 CAD
Zwilling Enfinigy Electric Kettle
Zwilling Enfinigy Milk FrotherZwilling Enfinigy Milk Frother
Sale price$185 CAD
Zwilling Enfinigy Milk Frother
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Zwilling Enfinigy Coffee GrinderZwilling Enfinigy Coffee Grinder
Sale price$139.99 CAD
Zwilling Enfinigy Coffee Grinder
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