Christmas Time in Retail.

I grew up around retail, and most of my retail career has revolved around the holiday season. Over the years I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what it means to sell stuff to people for the holidays. Giving can be a great feeling, when you nail it and your friend or family member LOVES what you chose for them. For us, giving is about everything to do with making food, or learning how to make food. To me, giving the gift of food is enlightening, and rewarding.

At Cook Culture, we work really hard to make sure we sell things to you that a) are what we’d use ourselves b) will last, and c) are better for our planet (refer to b). We know that there are endless options to buy whatever you want, so we strive to carry items that will be thoroughly used and loved for years. In short, we really want the items that we sell not to be more ”stuff”, but to be useful, practical items that enhance your time in your kitchen, making food for family and friends.  

My family and I welcome you to our 7th annual Open House, which we first started in December 2010 in our Victoria location, just after we opened.

This is me at our 1st year open house, taken from the archives @ online EAT Magazine

On the first Saturday of December, we open our doors for the day with appreciation, food made in our kitchen, and some really great deals to help you get started for the holiday giving season.  

Our goal of Cook Culture was to create a hub in our communities which can be a source of cooking information and inspiration. We hope that we are at least part way to this goal, and that Cook Culture can once again be your resource for everything you need for your friends and family. We wish you the very best this holiday season and really hope to see you at our Open House.


All the Best. Jed and Family.

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