Ceraforce – The Alternative Nonstick

In a society where everyone is expected to pack every minute of every day (with work, school, activities, etc.), the main factor preventing most people from cooking seems to be time; it takes time to figure out a recipe, time to buy ingredients, and time to cook everything. It is at this point that convenience not only becomes a desirability, but a necessity. For this reason, people usually turn towards nonstick pans as a way of cutting down on some of the time and work required to cook – food doesn’t stick to the pan, minimal to no oil/butter is needed, and it cleans easily. However, depending on the type of nonstick, what they gain in time is often sacrificed in health.

What’s the deal with Teflon?
Traditional nonstick coatings, such as Teflon, are made with a synthetic polymer called PTFE, which researchers have revealed to release toxic fumes past a certain temperature. These fumes result when the nonstick coating begins to break apart and release small particles, which has been evidenced to kill pet birds as well as cause flu-like symptoms in people, known as the “Teflon Flu”. In addition, chipping or scratching of Teflon coating over time will increase the likelihood that toxic compounds will be released into the air and in your foods. Although there are certain precautions that attempt to minimize the amount of toxic fumes released, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute discovered how quickly and easily some nonstick pans reach the danger zone. And, ultimately, Teflon coated pans often do not promote browning – a key process in developing flavour.

Why is Ceraforce a better alternative?
Ceraforce is a PTFE-free ceramic nonstick coating that allows you all the benefits of nonstick, without any of the health risks – it’s easy to cook with, easy to clean, and, best of all, does not release the toxic fumes emitted by Teflon. Ceramic nonstick is considered one of the safest and most environmentally friendly options on the market. Ceraforce nonstick is generally much thicker and harder than traditional nonstick, which makes for a longer lifespan and more scratch/chip resistant coating. Ceraforce even promotes the browning of food, enabling you to sear meats and vegetables. The pan itself is also made up of three layers – two layers of stainless steel with an aluminum core – which gives you even heating, great overall performance, and unbeatable durability.

So choose Ceraforce, not only because it’s better for you and the environment, but because it’s a great pan with the bonus and convenience of being a healthy nonstick alternative.

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