Book review – Super Foods Everyday

We found a great reason to get in the kitchen to mess around this week. We’ve just recieved a new shipment of ceramic tableware from Japan and couldn’t wait to get using them. It was like Christmas for us!

We’ve also just recieved a handful of new books, which we’re starting to dive into, and this was a great reason to try out some recipe creations. We started with Super Foods Everyday written by Sue Quinn, which is a simple approach to healthy creations.

We decided on a group of recipes that we thought made for a good brunch, which is probably our favorite meal.

We started with “Get the Glow Porridge” (p. 32) which is a spiced grain, seed and nut combo, and a simple “Strawberry Super Spread”, made with Chia Seeds. (p. 26).

This multigrain porridge had a wonderful texture and the natural sweetness of the strawberries and the small amount of honey was enough to give it a great taste. We also added a small amount of Cosmo’s Almond Mylk. The spread and porridge took about 20 minutes to make.

We picked up fresh coffee beans from a local North Van roaster, Moja Coffee Roasters and used our Jura Micro 90 automatic coffee machine to make a nice smooth espresso to accompany our brunch.

Next up was the kale, cabbage, carrot, avocado, “Super Salad” (p. 62) and the “Vita Frittata” (p. 40) with acorn squash, swiss chard, lentil and feta. We debate the merits of “Plant Based” foods all the time but have a hard time not using local free range eggs in brunch food. This is a converstaion that we will continue to have and going forward we are going to experiment with alternatives. However we made a killer health frittata that showed off beautifully on the Ceramic Lab dinner plate.

The salad was a perfect pairing to this dense frittata.

We found the combination of zingy salad and the savory frittata a perfect combination

Ok, we were getting full but we really wanted to try the baby spinach, peppers, feta, parmesan and olive oil – “Super Charged Muffins” with collard greens and roasted pepper (p. 126) so we powered through it, as we do! Leftover muffins are magical!

These were more meal muffins and less of a “treat” which suits us fine. We used a bit of Chef Comso’s Creamy Almond Spread which gave them a bit of zip.

So this was an ambitious brunch, which turned into a late, drawn out lunch.  If we were to make any of these with a time limit we would have made only 2 items at a time which would have taken anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes to make.

Overall we give the book high marks for approachability and ease. The images in the book are not overly prepared but that’s what attracts us to using this as a go to simple and healthy cookbook.

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