Here is the science on seed oils

As you may know, I heavily promote using Grapeseed and Sunflower oil for seasoning pans, but other seed oils work well too. What does not work as well is Saturated fat - like lard. This means that oils containing higher levels of Omega 6 work better than fat without Omega 6. 

Due to my advocacy, almost daily I hear from someone that tells me that seed oils are toxic. I tried to read the data for myself to figure out what people meant but it was overwhelming as there are very opposing, and logical, sides to this subject. Some people believe that seed oils are the reason that so many North Americans are heavier and sicker than they were 100 years ago.

Fortunately, I'm not the only one that is interested in this. I heard that a debate was being held specifically on seed oils and heart disease. It was a marathon of a debate lasting 3.75 hours. I keenly watched it but I was left a bit confused. 

Here is the debate:

The Proof

The overwhelming data shows that seed oils do not create disease or obesity and are actually health promoting but I wanted to know more about why there is sooooo much confusion. I was lucky that one of the participants lives in Vancouver so I reached out to see if we could discuss the outcome. 

Here is my video:

Want a shorter version of the video? Here you go: 

What does this mean?

The science is pretty clear that the health outcomes of consuming seed oils vs saturated fat is positive (look for the study links in the notes of the video). 

Seed oils have been unfairly vilified and the argument that they are health negative is unfounded. A balanced intake of Omega 6 oil is health positive but unfortunately most highly processed foods contain loads of seed oil, and the science is clear that processed foods are health negative, and I bet that everyone can agree on that. 

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