Whether you’re a foodie, a parent, workout buff or a busy bachelor, a good blender is an undeniable essential in any functional kitchen. And ‘good’ is the key word in that last sentence; yes, blenders come a dime a dozen, and when it comes to finding a dependable one, you get what you pay for. I recently tried out two high-end blenders for a week to evaluate their functionality and overall worth. 

I used the KitchenAid Torrent first. Unfortunately, the machine is rather large – reminiscent of a slightly small PC computer tower circa 1995 – but if you have a lot of counter space, this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem. Speaking of computers, when you plug this blender in, the control panel lights up like a flying saucer and makes a very cool “dum-ding!” high-tech sound. We just kind of stood back and marveled at it for a minute, before I tentatively turned the dial to one of the several easy presets, hoping I wasn't doing something catastrophically wrong (a quick peruse of the user guide would have alleviated my concern). I appreciated the lock feature, as I tend to nervously hold the lid down on my existing blender when it’s running, afraid the thing is going to fly off the base and explode. On the first day, I crushed some frozen ingredients to test out the brute force; passed with flying colours. The following day, I used the Warm Soup function to puree some bison stew I was planning to make into baby food. It worked like a charm. And of course, it easily handled my other smoothies and juice concoctions. It was easy to clean and overall, I was impressed. 

I tried the Vitamix Professional Series 750 next. I must say, on a strictly aesthetic appraisal, it looks very functional and much less stylish than the Kitchen Aid Torrent. However, I do like utilitarian kitchen appliances because they seem more ‘pro’ – and clearly, this machine is exactly that. Its cubic footprint is smaller, which is another plus. Where KitchenAid seems to appeal to the high-end home chef, Vitamix looks like it belongs in the back of a busy Michelin-star joint, splattered with traces of award-winning sauces. It performed exactly as expected, with plenty of power and four pre-programmed settings plus a self-cleaning function, as well as the variable speed dial and pulse button. 

I’m not going to mince words (I’ll leave that to the blenders) – these blenders are an investment. The KitchenAid Torrent rings in at $599 and the Vitamix Pro 750 is currently on sale for $749, down from $849. But if the sticker shock is causing you to think twice, consider your alternatives. If you buy a lesser-quality machine with less power and fewer functions, it will likely need replacing within 5-10 years. Buying pre-packaged baby food for an entire year at $1.99 per squeezy-tube, versus making it from scratch in minutes… do the math…your expensive blender more than pays for itself. Factor in the other advantages like quick and easy smoothies, shakes, soups and salad dressings; for something you’ll use every day, these machines are more than worth their weight. - Dee

Here's a comparison of the main specifications between the two machines:



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a budge

a budge

Ok, now try the ‘Boss’ by Breville, and then write another review; it’ good to have more than one appliance to compare to the vitamix!!

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