Atlas Pasta Machine

I’ve got one three-letter word to describe fresh pasta making with the Atlas machines: fun. And I would immediately follow this up with two other adjectives: time-consuming, satisfying.

I took the 150mm model – a featured offer this week alongside the 180mm and the optional motor attachment – home for a test-drive this weekend, thinking it might be a fun activity to do with our 5 year old daughter. We brought the machine to my dad’s house because he has a nice big kitchen. I hadn’t attempted homemade pasta since a disastrous encounter with my little brother’s Bruno’s Spaghetti Maker (circa 1993).

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring our food processor, so my husband was tasked with mixing the dough by hand. This was really the only time-consuming part, and completely avoidable if you have a stand mixer or food processor on hand; especially so if you have the motor attachment to speed up the rolling process. The ingredients are dirt cheap – semolina flour, eggs, water and salt – and the resulting homemade fresh pasta is so deliciously novel that owning a pasta machine feels like a no-brainer. Why had we never done this before?

Easy to assemble and dismantle, the machine leaves a very small footprint in your cupboard (about 8 cubic inches or so); you could even stow it in your pasta-boiling pot between uses if your condo-sized kitchen’s already bursting with gadgets. Besides an entertaining activity to do with children on a weekend afternoon – what could be better than edible play dough? –  taking the Atlas for a spin would be a great way to spend a leisurely, wine-filled evening with friends…just keep those tipsy fingers away from the blade. – Dee

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