Welcome to Cook Culture

The one thing everyone can make in their kitchen, is a better life.

Everything we do is to help you have more fun, eat better, enjoy time with family, friends and food, and connect with the people who grow and make what you eat. We’ll help you find the right kitchen gear, improve your kitchen skills, be inspired by great chefs, and learn about fresh, seasonal foods and local producers. And mind-blowing chocolate – never forget the chocolate.

Our Story

Most businesses start because someone said to themselves one day, “I can do that!”. So they do, and sell whatever it is that they make or know. Cook Culture is no different, but there was an additional opportunity that was not fully clear, or developed. This was not just to sell people the gear to cook great food at home but to also teach them how to make great food at home.

We built our first teaching kitchen in Victoria in 2010 and now we cover 3 cities and teach 10’s of thousands of people to cook every year.  Why do we do this? Read the story on our Blog.

Why We’re Here

We’re Excited About Food

Everyone at Cook Culture loves food and cooking, and we want to share that love with you.

To Serve You

If you love that “why can’t I ever find anyone to help me or answer my questions?” feeling, we’re not your store.

We Love to Educate

Selling someone a great pan is good. Teaching someone umpteen ways they can use that pan to make delicious things? Way better. Have you meet our chefs/instructors?

Our Community is Everything

The people who gather around food and food issues are amazing, and we support them any way we can.

Our Partners

We’re proud to partner with HeliJet to make sure the Cook Culture chefs can get to the classes they have to teach on time, every time.

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